Result hash compatibility between different versions of Lucent Sky AVM

2024/6/11 |

Different versions of Lucent Sky AVM might use different algorithms to calculate the hash of results. Hash value are used to identify results between different scans and applications, and to allow the suppression of results.

Result hash backward compatibility

Backward compatibility for suppression signatures is enabled by default, so a newer version of Lucent Sky AVM can recognize the suppression signatures generated by an earlier version. To disable this behavior, set SuppressionCompatibilityMode to false in the CLEAR Engine storage configuration file (also known as the cluster configuration file).

No backward compatibility is provided for result recurrence.

Result hash compatibility matrix

Lucent Sky AVM version Suppression signature compatibility Result recurrence compatibility
2003 and earlier 2003 and earlier 2003 and earlier
2006 and 2009 2009 and earlier1, or 2006 and 20092 2006 and 2009
2103 to 2306 2306 and earlier1, or 2103 and later2 2103 to 2306
2309 and later3 2103 and later4, or 2309 and later2 2309 and later

1. With suppression compatibility mode enabled.

2. With suppression compatibility mode disabled.

3. Hashes of dependency analysis results generated by version 2403 and earlier are incompatible with later versions.

4. With suppression compatibility mode enabled. Suppression compatibility mode is not applicable to some results.