About Genuine Lucent Sky Software

2022/4/9 |

Genuine Lucent Sky software is published by Lucent Sky, properly licensed, and supported by Lucent Sky or its partners.

By using genuine Lucent Sky software, customers have access to the software and services designed to help you secure your applications efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about genuine Lucent Sky software.

  • How do I know if I am running genuine Lucent Sky software?

    The best way to make sure is to purchase Lucent Sky products and services directly from Lucent Sky or from an authorized Lucent Sky channel partner. Once your Lucent Sky software is up and running, make sure the serial number and the type of license on your license documents match those shown within the software.

  • I see messages that my software is not genuine or my license is invalid. How do I fix this?

    If you are seeing messages that the copy of Lucent Sky software is not genuine, or that your license is invalid, it is likely that your copy of Lucent Sky software was not properly activated, its license has expired, or is otherwise not genuine. Until you correct the issue, your copy of Lucent Sky software will enter a reduced functionality mode. Contact Lucent Sky or your Lucent Sky channel partner to resolve this issue.

  • Can I install Lucent Sky software on more than one system?

    You cannot install Lucent Sky software on more systems than your license and the Lucent Sky Software License Terms allow. For example, your license contains five Lucent Sky AVM instances and you will be able to install Lucent Sky AVM on five systems.

  • How are license activation and genuine Lucent Sky software related?

    License activation pairs your product key with your hardware configuration and helps verify that your copy of Lucent Sky software is being used in the scope of your license. Usually, you only need to activate Lucent Sky software once, unless you make a significant hardware change.

    Genuine Lucent Sky software is a recurring process that checks your product key to make sure it is being used on hardware that is different from what you were using when you activated Lucent Sky software. The genuine check is performed when the hardware configuration changes, when the software is updated, and periodically by the software itself.

  • Do I need to connect my system to the Internet for license activation and genuine check?

    License activation can be done either online or offline. An online activation takes only a few seconds, while an offline activation can take up to 24 hours.

    Genuine check is done locally on the system that has Lucent Sky software installed. Whether an Internet connection is available does not impact the genuine check.

  • What are the common reasons why genuine check might fail?

    Major hardware changes - You might start to see messages that your copy of Lucent Sky software is not genuine or the license is invalid after making major hardware changes to the systems, such as changing components or migrating to a different VM host. It is recommended to deactivate the license before making major hardware changes, and reactivate the license after the changes. If you have already made the changes, contact Lucent Sky support to bind your license to the new system configuration.

    1 product key = 1 system - Another common cause is that you used the same product key on a new system before deactivating the key on the previous system. Contact Lucent Sky support to unbind the product key from the previous system and activate the product key on the new system.

    Expired license - If you obtained your copy of Lucent Sky software through a subscription or a program, the license came with it expires with the subscription or the program. Contact the place where you obtained the subscription or the program manager for renewal.

    Revoked product key - A product key can be revoked for various reasons, such as when the product key was compromised or there is an issue of the associated license. For additional help regarding a revoked product key, contact Lucent Sky support.

  • How do I get additional help regarding genuine Lucent Sky software?

    For support regarding genuine Lucent Sky software, contact Lucent Sky support. It will be helpful if you have the license documents ready, or contact support from the email address associated with your license.

    If you obtained Lucent Sky software through a Lucent Sky partner, you are encouraged to contact them first for faster service.