Lucent Sky AVM version 1903 release notes

2019/5/23 |

Lucent Sky AVM version 1903 releases

Lucent Sky AVM version 1903 SU1

What's new in 1903 SU1

  • .NET 4.8 applications are now supported.

  • MSBuild 16 is now supported, and multiple versions of MSBuild can be used side-by-side on the same instance. Additionally, build properties are available with native MSBuild.

  • The Web UI now displays a list of recovered errors that occurred during a scan. In previous versions, this information was only available in the scan logs.

Issues fixed in 1903 SU1

These are the issues addressed in 1903 SU1:

Lucent Sky AVM version 1903 MR

New features in 1903 MR

Source code analysis

The new third-generation source code analysis engine was designed with scalability and extendibility in mind, and provides extended coverage for web applications and more advanced analysis for JavaScript files. However, these improvements may result in slightly longer analysis time.

The third-generation source code analysis engine also brings first-class support for customized rule packages. Users can now use custom identification rules across analysis engines with the same granularity as the built-in rules. As a result, the new source code analysis engine is not compatible with custom identification rules designed for previous generations of source code analysis engines.

Binary analysis

Performance improvements when using Comprehensive Analysis on applications with large binary files.


Stability and performance improvements when generating the remediated source code of very large applications.


Eclipse plug-in

Eclipse plug-in now supports for Eclipse 2019-03.

The Visual Studio extension has been rewritten with VSIX v3, and supports Visual Studio 2019 and dark theme.

Issues fixed in 1903 MR

We fixed a bug where the batch delete function on the Web UI returns DATA_ERROR even when the operation completed successfully.