Lucent Sky AVM version 2003 releases

Lucent Sky AVM version 2003 MR

New features in 2003 MR


  • Custom Java runtimes can now be set to replace the built-in Java runtimes and be used for the build process
  • The Java build engine has been updated to improve performance


Binary analysis

  • The secondary binary analysis engine for Java has been updated

Source code analysis

  • The source code analysis engines for .NET, C/C++, Java, and Python has been updated

Weakness policies

  • Weakness policies and the built-in rule package have been updated to support CWE v4.0
  • CWE-3 has been removed as part of the update to CWE v4.0


  • The Web UI has been updated
  • The CLI has been updated
  • The Visual Studio extension and Eclipse plug-in have been updated

Issues fixed in 2003 MR

  • We fixed an issue where the timestamps for custom rule packages and runtimes have incorrect time zone.
  • We fixed an issue where certain JSP files with JSTL tags failed to compile.
  • We fixed an issue where a .ear or .war file can be specified as the target of direct binary analysis.
  • We fixed an issue where files skipped during Python source code analysis is not logged.
  • We fixed an issue where Maven logs is not being properly written.