Lucent Sky AVM 3.2 release information

2018/12/26 |

This article includes a list the new features and bug fixes that are included in Lucent Sky AVM 3.2, as well as known issues of this release.

For more information about this release, visit the blog post Lucent Sky AVM 3.2 released.

New features and updates included in Lucent Sky AVM 3.2

  • Performance and reliability improvements on concurrent scans - A new parallel compilation algorithm was introduced to improve the scalability and concurrency of the build process. As a result, the build performance when conducting two or more scans at the same time is improved by up to 60%. The new algorithm also resolved a bug that caused .NET compilation to occasionally fail when there are two or more .NET applications being scanned at the same time.

  • Updated Visual Studio Extension - Visual Studio Extension was updated to take advantage of new API features introduced in v3.1 and v3.1.1.

  • Minor UI updates - Numerous UI updates were included in the Web UI and CLI, including AJAX improvements and more actionable error messages.

List of fixes included in Lucent Sky AVM 3.2

Lucent Sky AVM 3.2 does not include fixes of existing issues.

Known issues of Lucent Sky AVM 3.2

CLEAR Engine on a virtual machine

Database performance is degraded after the virtual machine has been exported and imported without generalization.

To avoid this, try to generalize the virtual machine before exporting it.

This issue is expected to be resolve in Lucent Sky AVM 3.3.