Common unexpected errors

2022/4/29 |


When you scan an application in Lucent Sky AVM, the scan fails with the following errors:

An unexpected error occurred. Contact Lucent Sky support. (-89999990)


An unexpected error occurs when CLEAR Engine detected that its system configurations or parameters are out of the expected ranges. It fails the scan to protect system and data integrity.


When an unexpected error occurred during a scan, its scan logs will contain one or more correlation IDs. The logs will contain entries similar to the following:

An unexpected error occurred. The correlation ID is '30bb0b29-57dc-450f-95c0-5ed4ea821dae'.

The entry might also contain additional information to help you identify the cause of the unexpected error.

More information might also be available on Lucent Sky Docs by searching for the correlation ID. If you are unable to identify or resolve the unexpected error, contact Lucent Sky support.