Prepare build environment on Lucent Sky AVM server

2019/1/4 |

Lucent Sky AVM uses hybrid analysis, a combination of binary and source code analysis, on .NET and Java applications to increase analysis coverage and accuracy. In order to successfully build .NET and Java applications on a Lucent Sky AVM instance, it might be necessary to prepare a build environment on the server. This document outlines the steps of common tasks of preparing a build environment.


  • MSBuild

    Some .NET applications require a MSBuild (formally known as Visual Studio Build Tools) version that is newer than the one that is bundled with .NET Framework. Follow these steps to install Visual Studio Build Tools on the Lucent Sky AVM server:

    1. Consult your application stakeholders about the necessary MSBuild versions their applications require. In most cases, the latest version is compatible with previous versions.

      To download Visual Studio Build Tools, visit the following page on the Visual Studio website:
      Visual Studio Downloads.

      To learn about installing Visual Studio without Internet access, view the following article on the Microsoft Learn website:
      Create an offline installation of Visual Studio

    2. Run vs_buildtools.exe to install Visual Studio Build Tools. Select the Workloads and Individual components required by your applications. Common workloads include .NET desktop build tools, Web development build tools__ and .NET Core build tools. It might also be necessary to select specific individual compoents required by your applications, such as the .NET Framework targeting packs.