Lucent Sky AVM version 2106 release notes

2021/6/27 |

Lucent Sky AVM version 2106 releases

Lucent Sky AVM version 2106 MR

New features in 2106 MR


  • Gradle support

    Applications using Gradle can now be natively built on Lucent Sky AVM. The build artifact and the accompanying source code will then be analyzed. Currently, only build scripts compatible with Gradle 7 are supported.

  • Improved Maven support, including support for custom POM files
  • Improved encoding detection algorithm
  • Improved build and file parsing performance

Binary analysis

  • Accuracy improvements on the JDK binary analysis engine, including support for additional third-party security libraries

Source code analysis

  • Performance improvements on source code analysis engines
  • Accuracy and compatibility improvements on the .NET source code analysis engine
  • Accuracy and other improvements on the ECMAScript source code analysis engine
  • Accuracy improvements on the PHP source code analysis engine

Dependency analysis

  • Suppression support and other improvements on the dependency analysis engine


  • Improvements on the remediation suggestion algorithms

Weakness policies

  • Support for CWE v4.4


  • Improvements on the CLI

    Autopilot is a new interface for the CLI. At its current form, autopilot will automatically detect the application frameworks, languages, and build tools of the specified source code archive, and use these information to automatically create and start scans for each corresponding frameworks. More functionalities, such as including necessary scan arguments and combining reports, are planned for future releases.

  • Improvements on the Web UI


  • Improved integrity check in the setup program


  • I/O subsystem performance and scalability improvements

Issues fixed in 2106 MR

  • We fixed an issue where some ASP.NET files are scanned in an ASP scan
  • We fixed an issue where Instant Fixes are not generated for some remediable CWE-89 results
  • We fixed an issue where some ongoing scans are not set to failed after CLEAR Engine restarted