Lucent Sky AVM version 2109 release notes

2021/9/17 |

Lucent Sky AVM version 2109 releases

Lucent Sky AVM version 2109 MR

New features in 2109 MR


  • Improved Maven support, including support for JSP files
  • Compatibility and performance improvements on syntax analysis algorithms
  • Compatibility improvements on encoding detection algorithms

Binary analysis

  • Scalability improvements for the secondary binary analysis engine
  • Improved process monitoring for binary analysis engines

Source code analysis

  • Support for Go applications
  • Scalability improvements for the C/C++, ECMAScript, PHP, and Python source code analysis engines
  • Improvements on the PHP source code analysis engine, including expanded support for PHP 8
  • Improvements on the ECMAScript source code analysis engine, including better compatibility with embedded JavaScript
  • Improved detection for secrets and sensitive information
  • Improved process monitoring for source code analysis engines

Dependency analysis

  • Improved package and version detection algorithms


  • An offline version of Lucent Sky Docs is now included in the Web UI
  • Usability improvements on the Web UI
  • Support for Eclipse IDE 2021-09
  • Support for Visual Studio 2022, including 64-bit process and themes


  • Support for Windows Server 2022

Issues fixed in 2109 MR

  • We fixed an issue where queued scans may show as 'Checking' instead of 'Queuing'